Standard Cut

All lengths, all genders, all party! From short to long, we will consult with you to find what will work with your life and style. These include anywhere from pixie length cuts, to styles past the shoulders.

Genevieve / $60
Brandon / $50
Stephanie / $40
Zach / $35
Hailey / $30

XL Cut

Encouraged and preferred for clients with eXtra long, eXtra thick, or eXtra curly hair. Slightly more time provided to accommodate for how EXTRA you are! (Please inform our receptionist if you are booking over the phone.)

If you are unsure of how to book your appointment, please feel free to call and have our receptionist assist you!

Genevieve / $60
Hailey / $30
Stephanie / $40

Curly hair, dry cut

There are some schools of thought that believe curly hair should be cut dry first, and then washed and styled.  Fairly significant time is necessary to dry and style hair from soaking.

Genevieve / $80

Barber Cut

Our barbers specialize in short, traditional styles, typically involving clippers. Cuts like these are not limited to male-identifying individuals. However, it is important to note that these are short cuts only.

Brandon / $50
Stephanie / $40
Zach / $35

Bang Trim / Neck Trim

Genevieve / $10
Stephanie / $10
Hailey / $10

Beard Trim

Brandon / $10
Zach / $10
Stephanie / $10

Kid's Cut

Stephanie / $25


Color has come a tremendous distance throughout the years, with new techniques and improvements in the products available to stylists, but also new technology to display what people are achieving. Often times it can be beneficial to meet with your stylist ahead of time to determine what it will take to get your ideal color outcome. In order to ensure the appropriate amount of time is allotted to achieve your desired result, we are currently only booking color appointments through the salon, over the phone. Feel free to book a complimentary consultation online, to meet with your stylist to discuss your color goals.

Creative color styles (punk color/pastels/unnatural grey) and color corrections (whoopsie!) require prior consultation.

Full Coverage

Single process color, applied roots to ends, to achieve a fresh, cohesive appearance, and brighten dull color on your ends.

Genevieve / $100
Stephanie / $90
Hailey / $90


Foiled sections of hair are lightened, colored, or both, depending on the desired style.

Genevieve / $125
Stephanie / $110
Hailey / $110


Hand painted, customized lightening technique. Delivers a rooty, seamless blend, and tons of dimension. This is a double process service.

Genevieve / $150
Stephanie / $125
Hailey / $125


All-over blonde by way of bleaching and toning the whole head (or roots, if it’s a touch-up!)

Genevieve / $180
Stephanie / $150
Hailey / $150


Single process color deposit on the roots, including grey coverage. (Different to a blonding root touch-up, which is still a double process!)

Genevieve / $80
Stephanie / $70
Hailey / $70


Demi permanent, high shine color deposit, or toning of pre-lightened hair (bleach/balayage/highlights)

Genevieve / $60
Stephanie / $50
Hailey / $50


Styling services available with Stephanie and Hailey.

Deep Condition / $20
Wash and Blow / $25
Thermal Style / $30
Updo / $75


Waxing services available with Genevieve and Stephanie.

Lip Wax / $10
Brow Tint / $15
Brow Wax / $20
Tint & Wax / $35
Brow & Lip / $25
Brow, Lip, Chin / $30
Facial Wax / $40


Creating fuller, natural looking eyebrows by implanting pigment into the skin to mimic hair strokes. Book a complimentary consultation online. $50 deposit required to retain appointment, which is applied to your total cost, but is non-refundable if appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours. Microblading services available with Genevieve.

Initial (2 sessions) / $350
Yearly Touch-Up / $250
Removal / $200 per session